5 Steps to Create a Touch Screen Jukebox

  • Touch Screen Media JukeboxImpress friends and family
  • Great for parties or get-togethers
  • Perfect for bars, restaurants, dorm rooms
  • Perfect addition to a home theater system
  • High-tech, yet low cost (as low as $188 for a fully-functional touch screen media jukebox)

If you have a decent digital music collection (mp3, OGG, WMA), then you probably have all you need to get started creating your media jukebox. It's very simple and most people think a high-tech music jukebox would be too expensive. Well, that used to be true...

Eventhough touch screens can be expensive, now with the low-cost touch screen add-on kits, you can turn any computer into a music touch screen machine.

...and combine that with the #1 touch screen jukebox software, the TouchTone Audio System software, and you can have a fully-functional touch screen music jukebox for as low as $188.

To begin, start with Step 1 to find out what you need. Step 5 is optional, but if you do decide to be creative with your touch screen music jukebox, let us know and send in those pictures for display on this site!